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Turbulence injured 8 with One Passenger Suffering Spinal Injury onboard Vistara Flight

A Vistara flight encountered severe turbulence during the descent into Kolkata injuring 8 passengers.

The flight UK-775 was from Mumbai to Kolkata, India with 123 passengers.

The Boeing 737-800 was in decent 15 minutes before landing when the aircraft encountered severe turbulence causing injuries to 8 passengers.

“Flight UK-775 operating Mumbai-Kolkata on Monday encountered severe turbulence 15 minutes before landing. According to preliminary reports, the turbulence caused injuries to a few passengers, who were provided first aid during flight and immediate medical assistance upon arrival in Kolkata.” - Vistara

Five passengers suffered serious injuries with one passenger fracturing her arm, a second person suffering a dislocated shoulder while another suffered a spinal injury. Three more passengers suffered minor injuries.

First aid was provided upon landing and passengers suffering from serious injuries were taken to the hospital.

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