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Become an Air Traffic Controller

Guidance for students wanting to become air traffic controllers.

What is an air traffic controllers job?

Air traffic controllers manage the air traffic flow within the controlling air space. Controllers monitor the movement of the aircraft in ground and in air from takeoff until landing and provide instructions to pilots and maintain aircraft separations. Controllers also provide various information required for pilots and provide assistance for aircraft in distress. 

What are the requirements to get an air traffic controller license?

In order to get your air traffic controller license you have to successfully complete your training, be 21 years old, hold a class 3 medical certificate and pass MCAA air law examination and hold at least ICAO level 4 English language proficiency.

What are the different types of air traffic controllers?

Tower controllers: Air traffic controllers at the tower control the flow of all traffic movement in ground  and on takeoff and landing. In Maldives when it gets busy there is a separate air traffic controller just to manage the seaplanes. 

Approach and departure controllers: Air traffic controllers at approach and departure control manages all aircraft on departure and on arrival. Controllers will ensure separation of all aircraft and manage the air traffic.


En route controllers: Air traffic controllers here monitors the aircraft en route in flight providing the crew with airspace clearances, traffic control and provide information as required.  

What are the air traffic controller ratings?

The air traffic controller ratings in the Maldives are:

1. Aerodrome control visual rating

2. Aerodrome control instrument rating

3. Approach control procedural raring

4. Approach control surveillance rating

5. Area control procedural rating

6. Area control surveillance rating

Who manages Maldivian air traffic?

Maldives airports company Pvt Ltd has been mandated with exclusive rights to provide air navigation services to the entire country by the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation since 2011. Presently all active airports in the Maldives provides air traffic services. 

How much does ATC training cost?

Air traffic controller costs vary from the institution that you attend to and it can range from 10,000$-30,000$. Most of all controllers go for their training through MACL after been employed as an air traffic controller. 

What are the medical requirements?

In order to act as an air traffic controller in the Maldives you are required to have Class 3 medical license. If you have any concerns regarding health and the medical license it is advisable to contact aviation medical doctors who are active in Male' and Addu in clinics and hospitals. 

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