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One year since Boeing 777X’s maiden flight

The Boeing 777X is the latest variant of the Boeing 777 series. The aircraft flew its maiden flight on 25th January 2020.

The 777X was Boeing’s response to the popular Airbus A350 series. Boeing planned to have the 777X enter into service by 2019 however it has been delayed until 2022.

The 777X series would include:

  • 777-8, a shortened derivative of the 777-9 which would seat on average 384 passengers with a range of 8,730 nm (16,170 km).

  • 777-9, which is stretched by three extra seat rows and flies 250 nm (460 km) farther than the 777-300ER with the same weight and would seat an average of 426 passengers with a range of 7,285 nm (13,500 km).

  • 777-10X, a proposed design that would be a stretched version of the 777-9 allowing to accommodate 450 passengers.

  • BBJ 777X, a business jet variant of the type.

  • Freighter, a proposed design to replace the existing 777F with the airframe of the 777-8.

The 777X features GE9X, a high bypass turbofan engine developed by GE aviation exclusively for the 777X. The engine can provide a thrust of 105,000 lbs and weights 21,230 lbs.

The 777X also includes a 22ft 6in folding wingtips which allows the aircraft to remain within ICAO aerodrome code E even though the actual wing size would put the aircraft as code F like with the Boeing 747 and the Airbus 380.

The development cost for the 777X rounds up to over USD5 billion with the carbon-composite wing alone costing USD 2 billion. Lufthansa was earlier set to become the launching customer however Emirates is to become the first operator of the aircraft due to large aircraft orders.

As of May 2020, the 777X has over 309 orders which include orders from Emirates, Lufthansa, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, etc.



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