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Why Are Domestic Flight Tickets Unavailable?

Social media has been clogged up with complaints from many regarding the unavailability of tickets to fly mainly to and from the capital Male city

Photo: Thomas Pallini

Although many are frustrated, this within the aviation industry as a whole globally is nothing new.

The festive season each year brings in the highest number of tourists to the Maldives and with it clashing with the school holidays results in difficulty in acquiring tickets due to sheer demand and the high number of passengers flying.

Why can’t they arrange additional flights? Why can’t more airlines fly?; these and many more questions are thrown around by many frustrated wanting to travel.

How airlines make money is simply by arranging as many flights to as many destinations possible to carry more passengers so no airline would simply sit and choose not to operate especially during the high season.

With the number of airplanes available to each airline, there is a maximum limit an airline can operate flights to, and once the limit is reached there’s simply nothing more left.

High season with immense demand, tickets are sold off in very little time and as the airlines operate at their maximum they are simply unable to add any more flights.

Manta Air primarily operates to base Dhaalu Airport at Dharavandhoo Airport whereas Villa Air Flyme operates to base Maamigili Airport and Dharavandhoo Airport and Maldivian operates to all the remaining airports.

National airlines Maldivian along with the three private airlines; Manta Air, Villa Air Flyme, and Trans Maldivian Airways all normally operate at their maximum during the high season.

Maldivian has said they are trying to arrange additional flights to northern airports and Addu Atoll in order to provide more ticket sales but chances are even these additional flights would not match the demand.

To meet the demand airlines have been expanding at a rapid pace in the recent years.

Just in the year 2019, the three domestic carriers operated over 17,000 flights from Velana International Airport.

If you are planning to fly in the Maldives through the peak season always ensure to book your tickets at the earliest.



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