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Turkish Airlines flight TK1766 receives bomb threat while taxiing for departure

Turkish Airlines flight TK1766 was a scheduled passenger flight from Warsaw, Poland to Istanbul, Turkey on 4th April 2021. The Airbus A319 with 103 passengers was taxiing towards the runway in Warsaw Chopin Airport when the airport received information that there may be a bomb on board the aircraft.

The aircraft was stopped on the apron and passengers were evacuated. Emergency vehicles including firefighting trucks and ambulances were dispatched to the aircraft.

As the evacuation was completed, special forces inspected the aircraft for bombs. The aircraft later departed after a three-hour delay as nothing dangerous was discovered.

Earlier on April 1st , Fort Lauderdale Airport in the USA was evacuated and shut down due to a possible bomb threat. Authorities found suspicious wires in a vehicle.

Many flights were delayed and a few were canceled following the closure of the airport.



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