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Passenger detained after he locks himself in the lavatory and set fire on papers mid-flight

A passenger onboard GOL flight G3-1471 was detained after landing as the passenger locked himself in the lavatory and set fire on paper.

The flight was scheduled from Confins International Airport to Guarulhos International Airport, Brazil.

The Boeing 737 MAX was at cruising altitude when the passenger locked himself in the lavatory.

Flight attendants with the help of passengers broke into the lavatory and detained the passenger.

The Brazilian Federal Police took custody of the passenger following landing in Guarulhos International Airport.

“Our crew, trained in non-violent containment techniques, detained the man with the voluntary assistance of a passenger. The airports’ Federal Police and Medical Post arrived at the scene at the request of the flight’s captain. They acted quickly after landing, and there were no disruptions at Guarulhos Airport in Sao Paulo.” - GOL

It is not revealed yet why the passenger set fire on paper during the flight.



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