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It’s International Air Traffic Controllers Day

The International Air Traffic Controllers Day is celebrated on 20th October every year to mark the anniversary of the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations (IFATCA) which was founded on this day in 1961.

Air traffic controllers play a crucial role in each and every flight under their control from takeoff to landing contributing heavily to making air travel the safest mode of transportation in the world.

ATC controllers monitor the position, speed, and altitude of aircraft in their assigned airspace visually and/or by radar, and give directions to the pilots by radio.

As it requires unparalleled levels of communication, quick mathematical calculations, spatial awareness, and having to make split-second decisions it is regarded as one of the most mentally demanding and stressful jobs in the world.

Years ago air navigation services in the Maldives was started with just two controllers with a VHF set on a small desk in a room without a view later even using a passenger bus with the controller sitting in the front seat.

Today it’s services are provided all across the Maldives with the main gateway, Velana International Airport handling over a record 800+ air traffic moments during its busiest day, quite a massive jump forward from a controller sitting in a passenger bus.

On this special occasion we wish a very happy Air Traffic Controllers day to everyone celebrating.



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