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Indian Students Embarks On A 22 Day Journey Flying To China Via Maldives & UAE To Attend University

Prior to the pandemic, travelers can book a direct flight from Kolkata to Hongkong however you can no longer fly direct due to travel restrictions.

Eager to return to Hong Kong to attend university, an Indian student Isha and five friends embarked on a journey that takes the students 22 days across multiple countries and completing 3 quarantine periods.

The journey begins with a flight from Mumbai, India to Male’, Maldives where the students would complete a 14 day quarantine period.

After the quarantine in the Maldives, the students will fly to Dubai, UAE where they’ll be required to stay for a week before they could fly to Hong Kong, China.

Once in Hong Kong, another 21-day quarantine must be completed before the students can attend classes at the university.

As India is on the red list, passengers are unable to fly direct to UAE, hence the 14-day quarantine is spent in the Maldives.

Entry to Hong Kong requires 21 days in one or more of the countries on its green list which the students can complete after a 7 days in UAE after which they can fly to Hong Kong.

COVID19 imposed restrictions remains fairly strict in China. The country is currently battling to control the spread of the COVID Delta variant which was first identified from India.



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