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FAA orders inspection on the older Boeing 737 variants

US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) ordered the inspection of older generation of the 737 jet aircraft. Older 737-300, 400, and 500 aircraft are required to be examined for a likely electrical wire issue.

The inspection order comes after the ongoing investigation of the Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737-500 which crashed 9 minutes after departure.

According to the document, “A failure of the "flap synchro wire" missed by the autothrottle computer -- which manages the plane's thrust -- "could result in loss of control of the airplane,".

According to the investigation reports it is yet unclear what cause the crash and it is very unlikely the failure of the flap synchro wire caused the crash.

The Boeing 737 MAX too was grounded again last month following a new electrical problem that was discovered. The 737 MAX was only recently certified following a 20-month global ban due to two fatal crashes.

It adds more bad news for the airplane manufacturer which reported a higher than anticipated loss during the first quarter which is the sixth consecutive quarterly loss for the company.



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