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Destruction of fan disk reason for Volga-Dnepr A124 engine failure at Novosibirsk last year

On 13th November 2020, A Volga-Dnepr Antonov AN-124, registration RA-82042 performing freight flight VI-4066 from Novosibirsk, Russia to Vienna, Austria with 14 people and 84 tons of cargo returned to Novosibirsk's and overran the runway during landing.

The aircraft departed runway 25 at about 12:08L (05:08Z). After takeoff, while the aircraft was climbing out of 1,800ft, transponder signal radio communication was lost.

During an interview, the captain reported that the number two engine blew up at about 1000 feet AGL just after landing gear retraction with flaps still extended for takeoff. Debris had damaged the aircraft's cabling and took out all electrical supply resulting in the loss of all electrical systems including instruments, brakes, thrust reversers, etc.

The captain said that the aircraft remained controllable despite all electricity failures. All communication and even the intercom having failed.

The crew attempted to establish visual contact with the tower, however, they were unable to. The crew then proceeded to land on runway 25 with very little margin due to low altitude and engine thrust.

After a smooth touchdown, the aircraft overran the runway which was unavoidable due to the loss of brakes, spoilers, thrust reversers.

The aircraft sustained substantial damage.

On Feb 18th, 2021 West Siberia's Investigative Department reported in a press conference that their research identified the destruction of the number engine's fan disk as the main cause of the accident.

Rosaviatsia is currently still looking into the engine, the investigative actions are in the final stages.

Source: AvHerald



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