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By Placing An Image Of A Fly, Amsterdam Schipol Airport Saves 8% In Cleaning Costs

Airlines and airports applied all possible methods to cut down costs with the impact of the pandemic in 2020 however, this one unique method have been saving cleaning costs for Amsterdam Schipol Airport for years.

By placing an image of a fly in the urinal, it gives people a target to aim for and this way, they give attention while using the urinal.

The idea is nothing new and has been used since the 1990s first implemented by then in charge of terminal extensions and renovations, Mr. Aad Kieboom.

Mr Kieboom got the idea through a colleague in the department who have seen targets placed in urinals used in the military.

According to Kieboom, the idea has reduced urinal ‘spillage’ by up to 80% and saves cleaning costs by 8%.



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