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A Turtle On The Apron Delays Flights At Tokyo Narita Airport

A slowly moving turtle was sighted on the apron by pilots who were preparing for departure at Narita International Airport in Tokyo.

A turtle laying eggs on the runway at Maafaru International Airport, Maldives

It is not that uncommon to find animals like cats or dogs on the apron but it is extremely rare to find a turtle.

The pilot‘s reported the sighting to the ATC controller and airport workers removed the turtle.

The 4,000m runway was then inspected for foreign objects before allowing airplanes to depart.

Coincidently, one of the airplanes facing delays due to the turtle was an All-Nippon Airways Airbus A380 whose fuselage is decorated with light and dark blue images of sea turtles.

In April 2019, a turtle was spotted laying eggs on Noon Atoll’s Maafaru International Airport’s runway during the construction of the airport.

The picture caught International media attention sparking debates over damages caused to the environment by infrastructure.



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