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Airbus Conducting A350F Livery Design Competition

The Airbus A350F is a brand new large freighter by Airbus which was announced in November last year.

The A350F will be capable of carrying 109 tonnes of cargo with a 4,700 nm in range. It will also require less maintenance and deliver up to 40% savings in operational costs compared to current in-service freighters. 

This freighter has been designed to reduce fuel burn and carbon emissions by up to 40% compared to freighters currently flying. 

Airbus is currently conducting A350F livery design competition where the winner will get to work with design experts to produce the final livery design for the A350F.

It will be seen for the first time in the air on its first flight planned for 2024 and will be used to showcase the aircraft to operators and airlines around the world.

The design can be simple or detailed, hand-drawn, painted or created using any medium. It can be completely abstract or realistic, submitted in 1 or many colours.

The due date for submission is 28th November 2022.


  1. Include only original artwork

  2. Use only fully licenced photo images

  3. Please avoid “for editorial use only” images

  4. Do not use images or artwork without copyright

  5. Designs  must be projected onto aircraft side views provided below

  6. Company logo (Airbus) and product logo (A350F) provided must be clearly visible

  7. Do not modify any corporate artwork provided

  8. Keep designated areas on the aircraft blank from any artwork

  9. Any areas designated as non-adhesive compatible cannot have very detailed artwork or photos



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