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Red Bull’s Plane Swap Attempt Unsuccessful As One Airplane Spiral’s Out Of Control

Skydivers Luke Aikins and Andy Farrington attempted a physics-defying feat 10 years in the making with each pilot attempting to leave their aircraft mid-air and switch airplanes.

The Red Bull-sponsored event took place in Arizona with the two pilots jumping out of their airplane at 12,000ft with the airbrake system engaged on both airplanes.

Aikins was able to successfully get into the other plane, but Farrington was unable to as the blue airplane spiralled out of control.

Farrington deployed his parachute and landed safely without any injuries. The airplane had a parachute which automatically activated descending below a certain altitude. There were visible damages on the airplane from the images seen afterwards.

The wind condition in Arizona was perfect for the stunt however the pilots reported that the area had faster winds in the days leading up to the event.

The exact reason for the airplane to spiral out of control is yet unclear.



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