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Azerbaijan Airlines May No Longer Operate The Airbus A340-500

Following the introduction of more cost efficient twin engine jets resulted in the diminish of the popular quad jet airplanes.

Photo: @nahudhali

Airbus introduced the quad jet A340 which is available in 6 variants in the early 1990’s with 380 A340s built when Airbus eventually ended the production in 2011.

AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines is only one of two airlines that operated the Airbus A340-500 to Velana International Airport in the recent years.

The airline however now has no plans to operate the aircraft for the remainder of the year following the completion of the last scheduled commercial passenger flight in March.

Already one of the two remaining A340-500 has been stored by Azerbaijan Airlines back in 2020.

Globally the A340 fleet has completed more than 2.5 million flights over 20 million block hours carrying over 600 million passengers.

The A340 was never involved in any fatal accidents however there were a total of 6 hull losses.



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