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Three inflight engine shutdowns occurred yesterday across the globe.

Three inflight engine shutdowns occurred yesterday. The incidents occurred on Skywest Canadair CRJ-200, Cargojet Boeing 767-300 freighter, and Air Atlanta Icelandic Boeing 747-400.

( Engine flames from a B777 after takeoff )

Inflight engine shutdowns are performed by flight crew if ever required which are carried out mainly due to a malfunction of an engine.

Flight crews are trained to deal with the procedures and inflight engine shutdowns can even go unnoticed by passengers. Aircraft are designed so that even if one engine is shut down, the remaining engine can provide sufficient power to fly the aircraft for a safe landing.

The Skywest Canadair CRJ-200, registration N919SW was performing flight UA-5431 from Denver to Billings, USA with 43 people on board.

The aircraft was climbing out of Denver's runway 08 when the crew declared emergency reporting the failure of the right-hand engine.

The aircraft leveled off at 9000 feet and returned to Denver for a safe landing on runway 17R about 20 minutes after departure and taxied to the apron with an emergency vehicles standing by.

The Cargojet Boeing 767-300 freighter, registration C-GAAJ was performing flight W8-972 from East Midlands, UK to Cincinnati, USA.

The aircraft was climbing out of East Midlands' runway 09 when the crew stopped the climb at 6000 feet due to one of the engines emitting streaks of flames with loud bangs.

The crew performed engine shut down and returned to East Midlands for a safe landing on runway 09 about 50 minutes after departure.

The Air Atlanta Icelandic Boeing 747-400 freighter, registration TF-AMA was performing flight SV-3920 from Liege, Belgium to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The aircraft was climbing out of Liege's runway 04R when one of the engines emitted a series of bangs with streaks of flames.

The crew leveled off at 5000 feet and shut downed the engine. The crew climbed to FL100 to dump fuel over the North Sea before returning to Liege for a safe landing on runway 04R about 80 minutes after departure.

Source: avherald



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