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The recent Boeing 737 MAX electrical issues explained

Boeing has announced earlier this week that it has recommended 16 operators of the Boeing 737 MAX to address a potential electrical system issue that affects a specific group of 737 MAX aircraft.

According to an article posted by The Seattle Times, the electrical issue arose when a backup electrical power control unit was secured to a rack on the flight deck with fasteners in place of the rivets that were previously used.

This change was executed in such a way that it did not provide a complete electrical grounding path to the unit. The lack of secure electrical grounding could potentially cause malfunctions in a variety of electrical systems, such as the engine anti-ice system and the auxiliary power unit (APU) in the plane’s tail.

Boeing has said they discovered the issue on a production aircraft and they are carrying out further inspections.

Boeing notified the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Thursday that it was recommending certain MAX airplanes to be temporarily removed from service.

It only adds bad publicity for the 737 MAX that recently received its recertification following 20 months of worldwide ban after two fatal crashes.



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