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Skydive Maldives Island founder Javeed Hussain talks about Skydiving in the Maldives

Skydive Maldives Island, founded by Mr. Javeed Hussain first held a skydiving event in 2018 in Addu City. Since then the company has organized two major Sky diving events in the Maldives. Skydive Boogie Event 2020 at Kooddoo Airport and Skydive Boogie Event 2021 at Dhaalu Airport.

Skydive Maldives Island Founder Javeed Hussain

As skydiving is one of the leading sports activities in aviation and Maldives has amazing weather conditions and beautiful geography, it’s the perfect place to carry out sky diving. - Javeed Hussain

Skydiving World champions and world record holders have engaged in the events held in the Maldives including Omar Alhegelan, Karine Joly, Greg Crozier, Ewan Cowie, and more.

Skydiving in the Maldives featured in Parachutist magazine

We have received incredible exposure in multiple international platforms and magazines. Skydiving in the Maldives is now a hot topic among the global skydiving community. - Javeed Hussain

A Cessna Caravan C208B is used for sky diving. The aircraft climbs to an altitude of 12,500ft where licensed skydivers and non-licensed participants engaged in tandem diving jumps off the aircraft and free-fall through the beautiful skies over the Maldives. The C208B is further equipped to carry out high altitude skydiving at 16,000ft.

Cessna C208B Caravan

Over 844 jumps took place in the week-long Skydive Boogie event in Dhaalu while 4,000 jumps took place in the month-long Skydive Boogie event in Koodoo with 425 participants.

We are planning to establish multiple drop-zones in different parts of the Maldives. We plan to provide skydive training and create local Skydivers and build this sport in the Maldives and further engage in international events. - Javeed Hussain

Javeed Hussain in the flight deck of the Boeing 767

A lifelong aviation enthusiast, Mr. Javeed Hussain is also a licensed pilot who has flown from Seaplane Twin Otters across the Maldives to wide-body Boeing 767/757 aircraft internationally across the globe.

Skydive Maldives is presently in the process of establishing a permanent drop-zone in the Maldives where skydiving activity would take place throughout the year.



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