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Happy International Flight Attendants Day

International Flight Attendants' day is celebrated across the world on 31st May. This day was first observed in Canada in 2015 by the Canadian Union to honor flight attendants.

Flight attendants play a crucial role in passenger safety for each and every single


They go through vigorous training before they can act as a crew. On top of passenger services, Flight attendants are trained in first aid usage, first responder training, firefighter training, and etc.

They are thought how to react in an emergency and ensure full passenger safety at all times as their primary job is to ensure the safety and the comfort of passengers during a flight.

They are required to perfectly demonstrate their skills before being release to perform duties as a Flight Attendant.

At the start of the day, Flight Attendants are required to inspect the aircraft and ensure all safety equipment is in place and working properly. They must report and replace any types of equipment if necessary.

After all checks are completed, passenger boarding begins and Flight Attendants will then assist with the boarding process and aid any special needs passengers, children, or VIPs to ensure they receive the proper care while boarding.

Flight Attendants are required to monitor passengers to detect suspicious behavior and evidence of malicious intent, to prevent a potential hijacking or a terrorist act.

After boarding is completed, Flight Attendants will carry out safety demonstrations specific to the aircraft to ensure passengers are aware of their nearest emergency exit, what to do in an emergency event, how to use safety vests, medical oxygen, and etc.

Following the safety briefing, Flight Attendants will secure the cabin, making sure electronic devices and cell phones are turned off, carry-ons are stowed correctly, seats are in an upright position, and tray tables are stowed priory to giving cabin secure clearance for takeoff.

Once the airplane reaches a safe altitude, Flight Attendants will serve passengers with food and drinks and assist them with any of their needs.

Throughout the remainder of the flight, Flight Attendants will also conduct regular safety checks and watch for anything unusual that may be a concern for the safety of the flight.

Once the airplane begins its descent for landing, Flight Attendants will perform a final safety check to secure the cabin for landing.

Following landing and once at the gate, Flight Attendants will assist passengers in safely deplaning the aircraft.

Flight Attendants plays a vital role in passenger safety. Every day at work, Flight Attendants wears many hats to full fill different parts of their job.

They must be always ready for any impending emergency that may arise from handling a disruptive passenger to a sudden emergency landing evacuating 100’s of passengers within seconds.



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