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El Al Israel Airlines Boeing 787 escorted by fighter jets following bomb threat over Spain

An Israel Boeing 787-9 was on route over Spain when the crew advised ATC regarding a suspected bomb that may have been planted onboard the aircraft. Fighter jets from multiple countries then escorted the aircraft through their respective countries.

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, Registration 4X-EDH was performing flight LY-2 from New York, USA to Tel Aviv, Israel.

The flight crew advised ATC regarding the suspected bomb while on route over Spain.

Fighter jet aircraft were then deployed by NATO that escorted the aircraft over to Italy.

The Italian fighter jet then escorted the aircraft over Italy then after a Greek fighter jet escorted the aircraft over Greece and at last, an Israeli fighter jet escorted the aircraft to a safe landing in Tel Aviv.

Airlines have set procedures which the crew must follow during suspected bomb threats. The crew is trained to carry inspection of the aircraft and take necessary actions if required



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