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ATC Controllers Submits A Signed Petition Detailing Concerns Over Operational Matters

Over the last three years Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) have raised concerns regarding the operational matters without receiving any solution despite taking the matter to the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation, Maldives Civil Aviation Authority, Maldives Airports Company Limited, and even the Presidents Office.

In the petition, Air traffic controllers have requested to provide a solution to the matters listed below:

  • Inadequate salary structure and lack of a proper mechanism for career progression.

Following earlier efforts, ATC employees with the suggestions of then MACL acting Managing Director Mr. Moosa Solih and with the involvement of MACL’s human resources and ATC management a new salary structure was implemented.

However, prior to the salary increments approval from the president's office, it was put on hold due to the pandemic and has been ever since.

  • Lack of adequate training structure with employees unable to receive appropriate training.

  • Lack of research into air traffic sector capacity.

  • Safety concerns raised over ‘just culture’ resulting in employees' fear to report safety matters and the importance of establishing a proper safety reporting system.

  • Job insurance for when a controller may be unable to maintain an air traffic license due to medical issues.

  • The major salary difference over jobs considered along the same line of atc controllers such as pilots, engineers, seamen, doctors by the Ministry of Economic Development and relevant authorities.

  • Lack of proper mechanism to retain educated and highly experienced controllers.

  • Establishment of a retirement program for controllers

The petition was submitted with signatures from 80% of all air traffic controllers in the Maldives (90% from Velana International Airport) as a new air traffic service structure was established by MACL in September 2021 which has failed to provide a solution to the raised concerns in the past.



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