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After 5 years Gan International Airport breaks record for most private jets parked at the airport.

Gan international airport broke its record for most private jets parked after 35 jets were parked at the airport. The last record was set five years ago in 2015 after 26 jets were parked in Gan.

According to the Public Relation Executive of Addu International Airport Mr.Misbaah Nazeer; The airport is expecting over 100 private jets from December till January 15th.

Most of the private jets arrive at Gan International Airport for parking after dropping passengers at Velana International Airport.

The airport would have received more jet arrivals with tourists visiting Addu City if Canareef Resort Maldives and Shangri la Villingili resorts were still operating. The resorts were closed due to Covid19.

Flight crew arriving in private jets stay at Equator Village and South Palm Resort in Addu City.



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