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There Have Been 27 Fatal Plane Crashes In Nepal In The Last 30 Years

Yesterday, a Yeti Airlines flight 691 carrying 68 passengers and 4 crew crashed in Nepal killing all on board.

Flight 691 crashes add to the long list of fatal airplane crashes in Nepal. There have been 27 fatal airplane crashes in Nepal in the last 30 years.

Since 2000 nearly 350 people have died in plane or helicopter crashes in Nepal. Most recently in May 2022, Tara Air flight 197 with 19 passengers and 3 crew crashed into a mountain side killing all on board.

Due to weak safety standards, all Nepali airlines have been banned from flying into the European Union since 2013.

International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) removed Nepal's aviation from its blacklist in July 2017 however EU maintained its restrictions imposed.

French air accident investigation agency BEA said it would participate in the probe into the causes of the crash of flight 691. France is home to the plane manufacturer ATR.

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