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Pilots of a Learjet 31A performed an illegal aerobatic (roll) during descent to Portugal..

In December 2018, during a positioning flight the pilot of a German Learjet 31A performed an illegal aerobatics maneuver (roll) during descent in Portugal.

The flight was scheduled from London Biggin Hill Airport, United Kingdom to Faro, Portugal.

The Pilot in Command (PIC) occupied the left-hand seat and he was the pilot flying. Two other employees of the company were seated in the cabin.

During the descent into Portugal, the PIC asked the co-pilot if he would agree to fly a roll of the aircraft which the co-pilot later denied in a written statement following the incident.

The PIC disengaged the autopilot while in decent through 13,200 ft and at about 11,500 ft performed two steep turns with a bank angle of about 140° one to the left and one to the right side.

The PIC then conducted the roll about the longitudinal axis of the airplane leveling off 10 seconds later.

During the initiation of the roll, the aircraft achieved a maximum load factor of +2.47 g , which decreased later continuously to +1.00 g.

After the occurrence became known the maintenance department performed a technical examination of the aircraft.

There was no damage found however the report stated:

  • Severe Turbulence and/or Maneuvers Inspection per LJ MM Chapter 05-50-00

No abnormal Indications or deformation found

  • Elevator Push/Pull Rod removal (Found: LH & RH Rod ends are rejected)

Action: Carried out a replacement of upper push rods I.A.W. AMM 27-30- 01 Rev ISSUE 14

Following the incident, the operator later terminated both the PIC and the co-pilot.



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