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Eight Of The Ten Longest Non-Stop Turboprop Routes In The World Are Flown On The Dash-8

Turboprop airplanes are most commonly operated by regional airlines serving short-haul routes with flight times averaging over an hour.

Turboprop airplanes are preferred in shorter routes over jet airplanes as they are more efficient and cost-effective.

Moreover, these airplanes are also capable of operating in and out of very short and non-concrete runways.

Turboprop airplanes are sometimes used for longer routes with the current active longest route taking over four hours flight time.

Here’s a list of the active longest nonstop routes operated by turboprop airplanes By Simple Flying.

  1. Air Tahiti, Tahiti to Totegegie: 1,028 miles - ATR-72

  2. Yakutia, Yakutsk to Chersky: 1,005 miles - Dash-8-300

  3. Luxair, Luxembourg to Bucharest: 998 miles, - Dash-8-Q400

  4. LAM Mozambique, Maputo to Nacala: 947 miles, - Dash-8-Q400

  5. Air Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam to Harare: 936 miles, - Dash-8-Q400

  6. Air Tanzania, Lusaka to Dar Es Salaam: 932 miles, - Dash-8-Q400

  7. Freedom Airline Express, Nairobi to Galcaio: 915 miles, - Embraer 120

  8. Luxair, Luxembourg to Tunis: 904 miles - Dash-8-Q400

  9. SpiceJet, Bengaluru to Gwalior: 901 miles, - Dash-8-Q400

  10. Reykjavik Airport to Nuuk: 892 miles, - Dash-8-200

Even though apart from the Q400 series the remaining variants of the Dash8’s are out of production, the Dash8 is still popular among regional airlines.

To date, 1,249 Dash8 airplanes have been built and were used all across the globe.



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