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A look into the students of AAA Flying School today.

Students enrolled in the Asian Academy of Aeronautics, the flying school located in Addu started to voice their concerns over mistreatment and illegal practices of the school last September.

The concerns have been brought to the attention of the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation, Ministry of Education, People’s Majlis, and etc. The students were told that their concerns are looked into, which are to be resolved at the earliest they can.

A month ago, Maldives Civil Aviation Authority fined the school MVR 35,000 and made it compulsory to bring changes to the school for the betterment of the students.

The key issue with the flying school is simply the lack of training aircraft and flight instructor availability for the high number of students enrolled in the school.

A look into how things are at present, the school was demanding the student's fees to be paid in USD which was against Maldivian law however the students can now pay in local currency.

After months of being grounded the multi-engine aircraft was finally fixed allowing students at later stage of the course to finish. 3 students at the last stage have completed the course last month and more are waiting to be finished.

However for the majority of the students, the trainings are required to be completed on the single-engine Cessna 150/172, and the school only has 2 aircraft available which continues the ongoing delay in course completion.

It is yet not known whether the school is bringing additional training aircraft that would allow the students to complete their course early.



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