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VIA implements New Water Runway Operations

New changes have been implemented to water runways in Velana International Airport. These changes will minimize seaplane traffic overflying Hulhumale’ City mainly during landing.

Photo: mauman707

Installation of the buoys took place on 15th November 2021 with redesignation and reorientation of the water runways.

The changes are as follow:

1. North Left (NL)

a) Orientation: 360°

2. North West (NW) / South East (SW) a) Orientation: 335°/ 155°

b) Previous: North Centre (NC) / South Centre)

3. North Centre (NC) / South Centre (SC) a) Orientation:360°/180°

b) Previous: North Right (NR) / South Left(SL)

4. South-Left (SL)/ North-Right (NR)

a) Orientation: 205°/ 025°

Operational procedures:

1. South Left (SL)

SL will be used for landings only and there’ll be no simultaneous operation from SL and NC/SC as they are dependent runways.

During landing pilot’s shall continue the landing roll to ensure clearance from NC and NW water runway before exiting South Left.

Aircraft going around shall make an early left turn to avoid infringing the approach surface to RWY 36 or Takeoff from RWY 18

2. North Right (NR)

No takeoff or landing is allowed from the NR water runway. NR takeoff will be permitted later.

3. North Centre (NC) / South Centre (SC).

NC will be used for landing only and is independent of NL and RWY 36/18. NC/SC and SL are dependent runways, hence there’ll be no simultaneous operation.

During landing pilot’s shall exit to the left as soon as possible.

SC will be used for takeoff only and is independent of NL and RWY 36/18.

4. North West (NW) / South East (SE)

NW/SE will be used as a contingency runway especially during strong wind conditions. ATC will approve subject traffic in the circuit.

Both takeoff and landing is available on NW/SE.


All water runways are part of the maneuvering area and ATC clearance shall be obtained before entering the water runways.

Seaplanes taxing from IAS and Manta Air docs shall remain clear of the SL water runway.

Prior to the changes seaplanes over fly Hulhumale’ primarily on approach to SL water runway.

With the changes to SL all seaplanes on approach to SL will now fly over the beach/lagoon area of Hulhumale’. These changes are now in effect.

1 comment

1 Comment

Oct 21, 2023

Is there anwhere I can find a higher resolution version of the waterway chart?

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