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Mr. Ahmed Isam, Newly Appointed ATC Head Of Training Tells Us About Maldivian’s Achievements In UAE

Air Traffic Control job is among the most mentally demanding and stressful jobs in the entire world as it requires unparalleled levels of communication, quick mathematical calculations, spatial awareness, and having to make split-second decisions.

Mr. Ahmed Isam and his family with the President of the Maldives Mr. Ibrahim Solih during his recent visit to UAE

One of the key components for making air travel the safest mode of transportation in the world is these controllers who play a crucial role in each and every flight under their control from takeoff to landing.

In the Maldives Air Traffic Services was started the 60s and the 70s with only two controllers with a VHF set seated in a small desk at then Male’ International Airport.

A new control tower was constructed in 1982 and additional controllers were trained under the supervision of an English consultant who was brought into the service.

Aviation has since rapidly grown in the past decade and the competencies achieved at Velana International Airport provided a lot of opportunities for Maldivians to work in major airports globally.

One such incredible achievement is the local controllers who are working at the Fujairah Air Navigation Services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Receving ATO approval

Mr. Ahmed Isam who was recently appointed as the Head of Training explained to us about working in the UAE.

“I have been appointed as the Head of Training of Fujairah Air Navigation Services including the postholder position for GCAA. Other areas include effectively managing training for ATSEP and also managing the airport training.” - Mr. Ahmed Isam, Head of Training, FANS.

Along with Mr. Ahmed Isam, the previous Head of Training Mr. Hassan Ibrahim, previous Head of Safety & Quality Mr. Mohamed Sabah, and the current Head of Operation Mr. Abdullah Zakariyya at FANS, UAE are all Maldivians.

In total there are 7 Maldivian’s working in Fujairah, UAE at very senior levels and there’s another controller who is working presently at Abu Dhabi approach.

“There is a lot of scope for improvement in aviation in Maldives and opportunities for Maldivians globally. My advice is to keep learning, keep increasing your competencies and keep growing!” - Mr. Ahmed Isam, Head of Training, FANS.

Maldivian team in Fujairah has played an important role in FANS in recent years which include the Implementation of Surveillance Services in 2017, the establishment of an Approved ATC Training Organisation in 2019, the Airspace Restructuring Project, and the new Tower Transition Project.



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