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De Havilland Considers Reviving Production of Short’s Cargo Sherpa

De Havilland Aircraft of Canada is currently evaluating the potential market for a modernized iteration of the Short Sherpa twin-turboprop cargo aircraft. This aircraft type was last produced in 1990. The company’s renewed interest in the Cargo Sherpa stems from its versatility and potential applications, including humanitarian missions.

The U.S. Army previously operated the ramp-equipped Sherpa under the designation C-23A/B. Now, with Viking Air (which is now part of De Havilland Canada) holding the type certificates for the Short Sherpa, there is an opportunity to breathe new life into this reliable cargo workhorse.

The Short Sherpa has a storied history, having served in various capacities over the years. Its revival could address critical transportation needs, especially in regions where access to remote or challenging locations is essential. Whether it’s delivering relief supplies during emergencies or supporting logistics in austere environments, the Cargo Sherpa could play a vital role.

De Havilland’s exploration of restarting production underscores the enduring value of this aircraft design. As the aerospace industry evolves, the resurrection of the Short’s Cargo Sherpa could provide a cost-effective solution for cargo transport, benefiting both military and civilian operators.



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