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Tecnam P2012 STOL Receives EASA Certification

Tecnam, the renowned Italian aircraft manufacturer, has achieved a significant milestone with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) awarding full type certification to the P2012 Traveller in its STOL (Short TakeOff and Landing) variant.

The P2012 STOL is engineered to tackle the unique challenges posed by short runways and confined spaces. Its impressive STOL capabilities allow it to take off and land in tight spots, making it an ideal choice for airports with limited runway length or challenging terrain.

The P2012 STOL features a rugged airframe, ensuring durability and reliability even in demanding conditions. Whether transporting passengers, cargo, or medical supplies, the P2012 STOL adapts seamlessly to various roles.

The P2012 STOL can also outperform its useful load by 20% up to a remarkable value of 1284kg  (2830lb) while performing a STOL mission. At Maximum Takeoff Weight of 3680kg (8113lb), the take-off run takes only 315m (1033ft) and to clear the obstacle the takeoff distance is achieved in just 425m (1394ft).

Equipped with state-of-the-art avionics, the aircraft enhances safety and situational awareness for pilots. The spacious cabin accommodates up to 11 passengers, providing a comfortable travel experience.



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