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IndiGo Explores Widebody Aircraft Purchase

In a strategic move, IndiGo, Asia’s largest budget carrier, is venturing into the world of widebody aircraft. According to insiders, the airline is exploring the purchase of widebody aircraft, aiming to expand its international reach and intensify competition with Air India.

IndiGo has long been a dominant force in the Indian aviation market, known for its efficient operations and budget-friendly fares. However, the allure of long-haul flights has beckoned, and the airline is now considering its options.

Indians are increasingly taking to the skies, not just for domestic travel but also for international journeys. Affluent travelers seek seamless connections to destinations like the UK and Europe. IndiGo recognizes this trend and aims to tap into the growing pool of passengers flying further afield.

Among the options on the table, the Airbus A350 emerges as the frontrunner. With its impressive range and fuel efficiency, the A350 is a favorite among airlines worldwide. IndiGo is reportedly eyeing an order for approximately 30 A350s.

The A350 is Airbus’s first aircraft primarily made of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers. This lightweight material enhances fuel efficiency and reduces environmental impact.

The A350’s new fuselage design accommodates a nine-abreast economy cross-section, providing more space for passengers. It shares a common type rating with the A330, streamlining pilot training.

IndiGo can choose between the A350-900 (300 to 350 passengers) and the longer A350-1000 (350 to 410 passengers). The latter boasts an impressive range of 16,100 km (10,000 mi).

IndiGo’s journey into long-haul operations is not without risks. Other budget airlines have grappled with the challenges of making long-haul routes profitable. However, with its strong track record and growing passenger base, IndiGo aims to soar to new heights.



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