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Ten Slots To Be Provided For Pilot Studies Due to Limited Job Opportunities

The Ministry of Higher Education has announced a significant reduction in the number of student loans allocated for pilot studies this year. Citing concerns over job scarcity, the Ministry has limited the slots to just ten.

In recent years, there has been an oversaturation of trained pilots in the Maldives, leading to a shortage of job opportunities. Last year alone, over 500 students were issued loans to study for a pilot studies.

The Ministry’s statement clarified that while they had initially planned to issue loans for every eligible applicant who met the criteria, only ten slots were allocated for pilot studies. These ten slots are specifically for the pilot licensing course offered at the Maldivian Aviation Academy, established at Gan International Airport in Addu City.

While the decision to limit pilot study slots may disappoint some aspiring pilots, it reflects the need to balance education opportunities with the practical realities of the job market.



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