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Local Fisherman Attempted To Save Pilots Of The Precision Air Crash Before Being Knocked Unconscious

Majaliwa Jackson has been declared a hero and was awarded 1 million Tanzanian shillings ($430; £370) and a job in the fire and Rescue brigade for his efforts in rescuing passengers following the crash.

According to Majaliwa Jackson, he saw the passenger plane approach from the wrong direction before plunging into the lake.

Jackson and other fishermen on the scene open the rear door by shaming it and help assist passengers in the rear to exit the airplane.

Mr Jackson said he then moved to the front and dived into the water where he saw the pilots whose hand gestures instructed him to break the window screen.

Mr Jackson then grabbed an axe from a security who arrived at the screen however he was stopped by another person who said they were in communication with the pilots and there was no water leakage to the cockpit.

However, Mr Jackson dived back down again and the pilots indicated that they want to be reduced and pointed towards the cockpit emergency door.

Mr Jackson took a roped and tied the door and tried to pull it with boats however one of the ropes broke which hit his face knocking him unconscious.

The two pilots are among 19 people confirmed dead. A total of 39 passengers were travelling on the flight with 4 crew.

At the time of the crash, the area surrounding the airport had been under heavy rainfall and strong winds.



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