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Farewell: The Last Boeing 747 Departs From Boeing's Everett Plant

Boeing bids farewell as the last Boeing 747 built departs from Everett’s Paine Field after 54 years in production.

In all over  1,574 Boeing 747s were built including prototypes of the US Air Force One presidential aircraft.

The jet which was originally envisioned to be a heavy transport aircraft for the United States military during the early 1960s before being redesigned as a passenger plane to cater to the growing demand for overseas tourism.

As modern wide-body airplanes with two engines prove to be more fuel efficient and profitable the demand for four-engine aircraft like the 747 decreased.

"For more than half a century, tens of thousands of dedicated Boeing employees have designed and built this magnificent airplane that has truly changed the world," Kim Smith, Boeing's Vice President and General Manager (747 & 767 programs).

Thousands tuned in to see the last Boeing 747, a 747-8 as it took off for the delivery flight to cargo carrier Atlas Air.

As a tribute during the delivery flight after takeoff, the Atlas Air pilots drew ‘747’ in the sky.

Although production ceases, the 747 is expected to remain in commercial aviation for at least another 30 years primarily used as a cargo carrier.



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