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The Worlds Largest Airplane Antonov An-225 Has Been Destroyed Says Ukraine Government

For the last two days, many unconfirmed reports regarding the destruction of the world's largest aeroplane were reported on social media and various news outlets.

The Antonov An-225 Mriya is a strategic airlift cargo aircraft designed in the 1980s which is the world's largest aeroplane.

Designed based on Antonov's earlier model An-124, the An-225 has a wingspan of 290ft and with a maximum takeoff weight of 640,000 kg (1,410,958 lb).

The An-225 is based at Antonov Airport in Hostomel which was the site of the battle between Russian and Ukrainian forces.

Unconfirmed reports surfaced regarding the destruction of the aircraft in the last two days.

Today the official Twitter account of Ukraine posted a tweet saying the An-225 was destroyed by the Russian occupants and that country will rebuild the aircraft.

However, Antonov company has said they cannot report on the technical aspects of the aircraft unless it has been inspected by the experts.



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