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Addu flight school students take a stand against AAA management.

In a letter forwarded to the Asian Academy of Aeronautics; the flight school located at Addu city by the academy’s students has expressed concerns regarding incompetent management.

In a petition signed by the students forwarded to the management expressed concerns regarding the school’s recent management.

The students are given a period of 18 months for course completion however no student is able to complete during this time period as the flight school is not able to provide sufficient training in due time to be able to finish their course.

The students have been complaining for a very long time regarding the less number of aircraft for training available compared to the large number of students enrolled for pilot training.

The flight school still only has one multi-engine aircraft for multi-engine courses for all students.

The flight school has so far failed to provide a replacement aircraft for the Cessna 172RG which became unserviceable due to a crash landing despite the fact the flight school went on further to increase fee’s on certain courses.

The school has been operating only 3 days a week since reopening after closure due to COVID-19 however, students are not formally informed regarding any formal changes. Students are only able to train once every 15 days.

The majority of the students are training under student loans which provide funds only for the period of time specified in the course duration period. The students have to bare for any additional costs by themselves.

Over the years many complaints regarding AAA flight school’s management and their treatment towards the students have surfaced yet there seems to be little to no improvement seen.



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