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Florida Man Steals Small Airplane And Crash-Lands On California Beach

Luiz Gustavo Aires, a 50-year-old resident of Miami, Florida, was apprehended by the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday evening after allegedly stealing a single-engine plane from Palo Alto Airport and crash-landing it on a beach in Half Moon Bay.

The incident occurred around 5 p.m. when Aires reportedly landed the plane just south of Poplar Beach, approximately 25 miles away from the point of theft. Fortunately, the plane remained intact and unoccupied when deputies arrived at the scene.

Following a thorough search, law enforcement officers identified a man matching Aires’ description and took him into custody in Half Moon Bay.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirms that the plane is registered to a San Mateo-based limited liability company. Aires now faces charges related to the theft of an airplane and misappropriation of lost property



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