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Laminar Aviation’s Professional Pilot Training Program is comprehensive and designed to fully comply with the standards set by the CAAP. Assuring our trainees to get highest quality and safety training procedures given only by CAAP-certified Ground & Flight Instructors.


Laminar Aviation’s state-of-the-art flight simulator shall enable our trainees with line-oriented flight training. Solid state instrument rating & multi engine flight training aid thru flight simulator orientation then to line training.


The Professional Pilot program will develop our trainees to become globally competitive commercial pilots within 12 months. We benchmark our highest standards with; CAAP, FAA & EASA standards our team members are licensed by those regulatory states.

Professional  Pilot Training Program


Private Pilot Course (PPL C172)

Initial pilot license requirement prescribed by CAAP to move forward with Commercial Pilot License certification.

- 97.5 hours ground school

- 42 hours flight training

- 1.5 hours CAAP Checkride


Commercial Pilot Course (CPL C152)

qualifies you to fly as a professional pilot in a commercial air transportation.

- 220 hours ground school

- 110 hours flight training

- 1.5 hours CAAP Checkride


Instrument Rating Course (IR C172)

This course allows the pilot to navigate the aircraft and rely solely by reference to flight instruments.

- 102.5 hours ground school

- 20 hours flight simulator training

- 16 hours flight training

- 1.5 hours CAAP Checkride


Multi-Engine Rating (MER Piper Seneca II)

this course allows you to transition from a single engine to a multi-engine aircraft that will give you the edge to fly high performance airplanes.

60 hours ground school

- 13 hours flight training

- 1.5 hours CAAP Checkride

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