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The US Air Force C17 Carried 800 Passengers As It Took Off From Kabul Airport Yesterday

The US Air Force carried out the evacuation of US nationals, diplomats, and others from Kabul Airport as the Taliban advanced into Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

Thousands flocked into the airport in an attempt to get on airplanes to flee the capital city.

Videos from the airport show people swamping the US Air Force C17 as it was taxing on the runway.

Another video showed an Apache helicopter clearing off the runway to allow the C17 to takeoff.

The C17 which was designed to carry 134 soldiers along with their equipment carried over 800 people during the evacuation flight which is likely to be the most ever carried on the military airplane.

About 3 - 5 people who were grabbing hold of the C17 were seen falling from the sky as the C17 took off.

According to reports, the airport is divided into a commercial side and a military side which the US military had control over and was used for evacuation.



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