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SpiceJet flight crew spends 21 hours inside the aircraft as they were not allowed entry in Croatia

SpiceJet airline pilots and crew spend the night in the Boeing 737 aircraft they flew as the crew were not allowed entry into Croatia due to a change in COVID19 rules while the crew was mid-flight.

The crew was operating a charter flight from New Delhi, India to Zagreb, Croatia with a stop in Tbilisi.

Following arrival in Croatia, airport authorities requested the PCR test results of the crew however no crew had undergone a PCR test before departure for the flight.

According to SpiceJet, the crew was not required a PCR test and had already received confirmation from Croatian authorities however the rules changed while mid-flight due to which they were not allowed entry inside Croatia for the layover.

As the crew was required to complete the rest period they could not depart for the flight right away and were forced to spend the night in the aircraft.

Airport authorities did offer crew food, and water, along with other services for their layover.

SpiceJet was required to get special permission from the Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to operate the flight as the crew did not meet appropriate rest requirements for the next flight.



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