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Spanish Army’s CH-47 Chinook Helicopter used to airlift a stranded Eurocopter Tiger

A Spanish Army Eurocopter Tiger (ET-722) performed an emergency landing on 20th May as the Eurocopter hit a power line.

The helicopter was taking part in the Adriatic Strike 2021 military exercise before collision with power lines near the village of Brestanica in Slovenia.

Following the impact heavy vibrations were observed by the pilot who then decided to perform an emergency landing in a meadow a couple of hundred meters away. The crew escaped without any injuries but the helicopter sustained severe damage.

A short power outage to the nearby villages occurred due to the incident and the rail transport nearby was suspended.

Photo : Goran Krošelj

The Eurocopter was airlifted by a Spanish CH-47D Chinook (ET-419) and brought to the army’s Air Base located 10km away. The main rotor blades, the horizontal tail, and other parts were removed from the Eurocopter for the airlift.

With a triple-hook external load system the CH-47D Chinook helicopter can carry a cargo weighting up to 12 tones externally.



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