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Reasons Why It’ll Be Challenging To Compete New Delhi For Maldivian

National airline Maldivian announced flights between Maafaru, Maldives and New Delhi, India which were to be launched on 21st October 2021 however the flights are yet to begin.

Photo: @planespotter.maldives

Once launched it would be the first international scheduled flight service from Maafaru International Airport.

Maldivian is yet to release any new details regarding the flights however it is likely that the lack of ticket sales is the reason for the delay in launch.

It’ll be a challenge to compete in this route as Maldivians have to compete against Indian low-cost carriers.

With Indian tourists leading the tourist arrival charts; it only makes sense for Maldivian to initiate additional routes to India.

However, competing against low-cost carriers would not be easy. These carriers go to extreme lengths to cut down costs to provide travelers with lower ticket fares.

These airlines lure passengers by offering very low base fares while charging additional amounts for meals, seat locations, and other amenities which are normally provided by airlines on a typical ticket fare.

Travelers especially those visiting expensive holidays destinations tend to buy cheaper ticket fare’s in order to save more so they can spend it on additional perks during the vacation.

Many find it acceptable to endure a couple of hours in a less comfortable seat with few amenities for a reasonable ticket fare. This way families or large groups traveling together can save a whole lot combined.

On flights between Maafaru and New Delhi while Maldivian is offering 285-315 USD low-cost carriers can offer 250 USD and lower on flights between Male‘ and New Delhi.

Just from the above prices, a family of 5 adults can save costs for a 1 adult’s return ticket fare just by opting to fly on a low-cost carrier.

Indian carriers can further attract more customers as they can offer domestic connections through their own network upon arrival making connections easier for travelers flying from cities without access to direct flights.

Low-cost carriers Indigo, Go First, Spice Jet, and even national airline of India, Air India operates flights from various Indian cities including New Delhi to the Maldives.

Earlier this year Maldivian announced flights to Mumbai however the flights never took off as the Maldives issued a temporary ban on Indian travelers not long after its announcement.

It is yet unclear when flights to New Delhi would be launched or whether flights to Mumbai are back on the map for Maldivians.

Although many obstacles lay ahead in launching a new route, it is important to consider operating flights to such destinations which attract large number of travelers.

Even Villa Air Flyme is yet to begin flights to India after initially planing for a September launch.



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