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Pakistan Airline tells crew to refrain from fasting in Ramadan during flight

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) tells its pilots and cabin crew to refrain from fasting during the month of Ramadan while flying.

The airline says fasting during flights can be dangerous and may pose a safety risk. The notification comes just as the month of Ramadan is to begin.

The memo states: “In an emergency with multiple complexities, wrong and delayed actions may result in serious consequences due to impaired judgment and incapacitation, After considering all facts objectively, it’s clear that flying an aircraft while fasting is not only risking your own life but that of others too, in the aircraft and on the ground,”

The safety alert notes that fasting causes dehydration, slowing of reflexes, deterioration of judgment, and lowering of stamina. All of this can cause problems as flight crew are required to be sharp and alert for any potential safety issues that may arise while at duty.



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