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Marshaller suffers eye injury after pilot flashes landing lights

A Marshaller working at Pulkovo Airport suffered eye injuries after a pilot of a Boeing 737-800 flashed landing lights twice towards him while taxing to the stand.

The worker was taken to an eye trauma center where he was diagnosed with light ophthalmia (burn of conjunctiva, cornea, and retina due to the exposure to very bright light).

"On the night of February 24, an employee of the enterprise was sent from Pulkovo airport to an eye trauma center. The reason for this was the man's appeal to the first-aid post after servicing the aircraft and eye contact with the plane's landing lights. At the Pulkovo airport, a check is carried out in accordance with the norms of the legislation."- Pulkovo Airport

The worker's vision is expected to be restored in a few weeks.



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