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Boeing will build only 12 more 747’s as production is expected to end next year

The queen of the sky, the Boeing 747 has only 12 remaining orders for the aircraft. Boeing is expected to end production of the 52-year-old aircraft by next year.

The 747 was initially expected to last a short period as it was then thought supersonic travel would overtake commercial passenger travel.

Even the unique design with a partial double-deck was so that a front cargo door can be installed and the aircraft can be easily converted to a freighter so that it can last in production for longer.

The Boeing 747 eventually became a very successful aircraft for Boeing as the company went on to manufacture 1,562 of the type.

The 747 remained as the largest commercial passenger aircraft since production in 1969 until the introduction of the Airbus A380 in 2007.

Boeing has only 12 remaining orders for the 747 which are, four Boeing 747-8Fs for Atlas Air, seven Boeing 747-8Fs for UPS, and one 747-8 for a private customer.

Boeing confirmed on 29th July 2020 that the final 747 will be delivered in 2022. Boeing has decided to end production following the impact of COVID19 in the aviation industry and the unsteady outlook for the near future.



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