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Black Box Retrieved From The Philippines Air Force Lockheed C-130 Crash Which Killed 52 Last Sunday

A Philippines Air Force Lockheed C-130 transport aircraft crashed while attempting to land in Jolo Airport last Sunday.

Along with three pilots and five crew, the C-130 was carrying 84 passengers who were all soldiers. The Captain was among the 52 killed.

According to survivors, the aircraft bounced two to three times during landing after which the pilot applied power, possibly for an attempted go-around however, the right-wing of the C-130 hit trees and crashed before the aircraft could regain altitude.

The front of the aircraft was sliced open from the impact, many of the soldiers used this to escape the aircraft but many others were left unconscious from the impact, and the aircraft engulfed in flames soon after.

The black box of the C-130 was recovered on Monday which the investigators can use to determine what caused the crash.

According to a military spokesman, the aircraft was in very good condition with 11,000 hours remaining before the next major maintenance was due.



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