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Airflow Receives an Order For 50 Electric STOL Airplanes

Airflow was founded by five former members of the Airbus Vahana team two years ago. Airflow is designing electric airplanes that are flexible, cost-effective, and carbon neutral.

The Airbus Vahana project was started in 2016 to design an electric-powered eight-propeller VTOL personal airplane that can be used by everyday commuters as a cost-comparable replacement for short-range urban transportation like cars or trains.

The Vahana project was ended in 2019 after 138 test flights with 13 hours of flight time logged Airbus favored the CityAirbus project over the Vahana which is under development.

Airbus Vahana

Airflow has been working on two 100% carbon neutral airplane models that are cable of extremely short takeoff and landing and can operate in poor weather conditions and icing. The two models are;

  • Model 100: Can carry 4 passengers, 800lbs+ cargo, and can take off and land in 150ft with a range of 250 miles.

  • Model 200: Can carry 9 passengers, 2000lbs+ cargo, and can take off and land in 250ft with a range of 500 miles.

These two models can provide 70% lower operating costs compared to eVTOL aircraft and 30% lower operating costs compared to traditional fixed-wing aircraft.

Alaskan regional airline Ravn Alaska recently signed a deal for 50 aircraft. Airflow is targeting first delivery by 2025.



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