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A Turkish Airlines Airbus A330 Initiates Takeoff Roll From The TAXI WAY in Newark

The Turkish Airlines flight TK-30 TC-JNI was on the takeoff roll when the tower instructed to cancel takeoff as the airplane was on commencing takeoff from the taxiway instead of the runway.

Flight TK-30 was a scheduled flight from Newark, USA to Istanbul, Turkey on the Airbus A330-300.

The A330 was cleared for takeoff from runway 22R at the intersection with taxiway W instead crossed runway 22R, lined up taxiway P (parallel to and east of runway 22R), and commenced takeoff.

Realizing the mistake, the tower canceled the takeoff clearance advising the crew they were on taxiway P instead of the runway.

The aircraft reached a ground speed of 90kts before the crew rejected takeoff.

The crew was instructed to taxi to the holding point runway 11 via taxiway W where the A330 remained for about 45 minutes for the brakes to cool down.

Afterwards the A330 departed as normal and continued the flight, and safely landed in Istanbul Turkey.