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Emirates Boeing 777 Attempted Takeoff In Dubai Intl Airport Without Takeoff Clearance

An Emirates Boeing 777-300 performing flight EK-524 attempted to takeoff from Dubai International Airport without receiving takeoff clearance last Sunday.

The flight EK-524 from Dubai, UAE to Hyderabad, India entered runway 30R in Dubai International Airport and began accelerating for takeoff before receiving takeoff clearance.

At the time another Emirates Boeing 777-300 performing flight EK-568 was entering the same runway 30R as it was cleared to cross the runway.

The air traffic controller instructed flight EK-524 to reject the takeoff while the aircraft then already had accelerated to over 100knots.

The aircraft rejected takeoff, slowed down, and safely vacated the runway behind the second 777 crossing the runway.

Both aircraft continued on their flight without any further issues. An investigation has been launched by Emirates and also UAE’s GCAA.



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