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Qatar Airways and Airbus Reach Amicable Settlement In Legal Dispute

The legal battle between Airbus and Qatar Airways that lasted 18 months nears conclusion as the two parties have now reached an amicable settlement.

Qatar Airways initially stopped taking deliveries of the Airbus A350  in 2021 claiming a flaw in the surface below the paint which was degrading at an accelerating rate.

Throughout the case, Airbus acknowledged quality flaws in the A350 but continued to deny design issues.

Similarly, multiple airlines including Cathay Pacify, Lufthansa, ITA Airways, etc have also faced similar issues however Qatar Airways claimed that Airbus has carried out commercial agreements with other carriers regarding repairs keeping the news under the radar.

Now at last Qatar Airways and Airbus have pledged to drop claims and move forward and work together as partners ending the legal dispute.

As the two have reached a settlement then cancelled orders for 23 undelivered A350s and 50 smaller A321neos have been restored under the new deal.

The Qatar Airways A350 will likely be seen again in Velana International Airport as the carrier operated A350 on flights from Doha, Qatar to Male’ however following the groundings; Boeing 777s and the A320 family aircraft are used on this route.



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